Cable Repairs

Let us do all your Cable Repairs!  Why use Xpress Cable & Repair?

  • We are the only authorized AmerCable Repair Center in the US .
  • We use MSHA approved mine site spooling devices that will not damage your cables. Unless absolutely necessary and approved by the customer, cables will never be loaded loose with a Fork Lift.
  • Our vulcanizing equipment has state-of-the-art pressure and temperature controls.
  • Our vulcanizing and splicing techniques include the repair of the core helix, step or plaid welding techniques, 3 inch taper on all cables up to 15kv and AmerCable approved materials.
  • We use digital measuring devices that are periodically calibrated to manufacturer recommendations with pay out and take up device that will allow top of reel to top of reel spooling. Cables will never be unreeled from the side of the reel.
  • We use 75 kv DC high potential testers/thumpers that measures leakage in milliamperes and are inspected and calibrated to manufacturer recommendations.
  • We are inspected by Amercable once per quarter for quality control. All our welders are approved for helix construction splices.
  • Our facility has online reporting of cables stored for repair with daily update of repair status for customers with easy access to the information via
  • We have MSHA Certified Electricians on staff and a staff that is MSHA approved for underground work and inspection.
  • Facility and all employees follow all OSHA and MSHA requirements.
  • All work performed at our facilities is per AmerCables recommendations and specifications.
  • Our facility stocks needed cable sizes to bring repair cables to full length if need be.







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